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I've been attended the yoga classes for some time now and always look forward to them, I've learnt some fantastic relaxation techniques to help with stresses of everyday life, that I have even put into practice outside of the classes. - And they work!! I love the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and all 'newcomers' are made to feel very welcome (it's such an easy class to fit into, even when you don't know anyone). I also use Phoenix Wellbeing for purchasing many Weleda /Faith In Nature products - I love these products, they are such good value and so much better for me (having none of those nastie artificial products in them) The Weleda Foot Balm being a particular favourite of mine - my feet look so much better in sandals now!


Having suffered from stress and anxiety for many years I wish I'd joined this class a long time ago. Yoga has really helped me become aware of my body and notice when I'm getting anxious - simple breathing techniques I've learnt really work and calm me immediately. I was a complete beginner but was made to feel more than welcome and it didnt matter that I didnt know how to do the postures at first as I was given support and help from Jeanette. I love it cant wait for Tuesdays to come around each week !!


I've been attending Jeanette's classes for about 6 months and am really enjoying the lessons. The instruction is very detailed and thorough which means you get the very best from each yoga pose. Jeanette manages to personalise the instructions so that every class member can achieve their best. I often arrive after work feeling very tired and run down but always leave feeling calm, rested and rejuvenated and with a feeling of wellbeing. I can't recommend these classes highly enough.


These classes run by Jeanette are fantastic and I always feel so much more relaxed and energised after attending a session. Jeanette has the wonderful ability during the sessions to personalise the yoga postures and meditations to the different needs and experience of each class member.

If like me you are looking to get back/maintain your fitness levels due to physical ill health but have lost your confidence and motivation then I would really recommend these sessions. Jeanette will subtly support and encourage you to do as much or as little as you are able to manage. I used to arrive in pain, worried, worn out etc and leave the session feeling so much better, more able to cope with my health problems and I benefited tremendously from using the breathing and meditation techniques outside of the sessions whilst undergoing hospital tests. Now that I have recovered the sessions continue to be beneficial in others ways such as managing the stresses of work, relaxation and toning up.


Jeanette gives wonderful classes that really brighten up my otherwise boring Tuesdays. I exercise quite a lot so yoga helps me to remain supple and stretches me out. It's a peaceful class and everyone is really friendly. Jeanette always explains why we are doing something and the benefits for the mind and body. I always miss it if I can't go








Yoga Classes in Beeston & Chilwell

Assumption Hall, Foster Ave Beeston
Session time 6:45pm

Tuesday & Wednesday
The Guide Hall, Beeston

Tuesday session starts at 7:30pm
Wednesday session starts at 6:00pm

'Tranquility' Chilwell High Road

Session starts 9:30am
Book your place now, spaces limited